Gadgetbridge for Android

Gadgetbridge is an Android application that allows you to use smartwatch-style notifications and health monitoring without the need for a proprietary application or web service.

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We've added a 'Bangle.js' device to Gadgetbridge which allows you to connect your phone to Bangle.js (or any Bluetooth-capable Espruino).

How to set up


You can also get weather from Gadgetbridge. Install the Weather Widget and check out the Read more... link on the app page for more information. An additional app is required to forward the current weather into Gadgetbridge.

How it works internally

Messages sent to Bangle.js from Phone

Messages are wrapped in the text "\x10" + "GB(...)\n", so that if they're sent to a normal Espruino REPL the GB function will be executed with the supplied data as the first argument.

Currently implemented messages are:

For example:

// new message
GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})
// message changed
GB({"t":"notify~","id":1575479849,"body":"this changed"})
// remove message
// maps navigation
GB({"t":"notify","id":1,"src":"Maps","title":"0 yd - High St","body":"Campton - 11:48 ETA","img":"Y2MBAA....AAAAAAAAAAAAAA="})
// music
GB({"t":"musicinfo","artist":"My Artist","album":"My Album","track":"Track One","dur":241,"c":2,"n":2})
// Call coming in 

Messages from Bangle.js to Phone

Any line beginning with { will be parsed as JSON by Gadgetbridge, so to send a command, simply use Bluetooth.println(JSON.stringify(json)).

Available message types are:

For example:

Bluetooth.println(JSON.stringify({t:"info", msg:"Hello World"}))

will display a message on your phone's screen.


There's a Gadgetbridge Debug app you can install. When running this will show you the data that is being received from Gadgetbridge. See Read more... next to the app for more information.

You can then disconnect Gadgetbridge, connect with the Web IDE and issue that command by pasting it into the left-hand side of the IDE - for example:

GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

If there are any errors shown you'll be able to see them and use them to debug what is happening.

Building Gadgetbridge

If you want to build Gadgetbridge yourself there's proper documentation at

Once you have the Android development tools on your system, all you need to do to build is:

./gradlew assembleDebug
adb install app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk

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