Pixl.js Clock

Pixl.js Clock

This example turns Pixl.js into a simple clock, displaying the current time and date.

Copy this to the right-hand side of the IDE, make sure Set Current Time is set in Settings -> Communications, and upload.

You can always update the time manually using the command setTime(Date.parse("2018-05-16T13:42:34") / 1000), with the correct date string.

Source Code

// Enable 'Set Current Time' in Settings -> Communications before sending

function onSecond() {
  // Called every second
  var t = new Date(); // get the current date and time

  // Draw the time
  var time = t.getHours()+":"+("0"+t.getMinutes()).substr(-2);
  var seconds = ("0"+t.getSeconds()).substr(-2);
  g.drawString(time,95 - g.stringWidth(time),10);
  // Draw the date
  // Get the date as a string by removing the time from the end of it
  var date = t.toString().replace(/\d\d:.*/,"");


// Call onSecond every second
setInterval(onSecond, 1000);

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