ADXL335 Accelerometer

Simple wrapper module for the cheap and readily available analog ADXL335 accelerometer. Use the ADXL335 (About Modules) module for it.

You can wire this up as follows:

Device Pin Espruino
2 (VCC) 3.3
3 (X) Any ADC
4 (Y) Any ADC
5 (Z) Any ADC

How to use my module:

  var foo = require("ADXL335").connect(C3,A0,A1);
  setInterval(function() {
    var d= foo.readG();
    console.log("x " + d[0] + " y " + d[1] + " z " + d[2]);
  }, 1000);


ADXL335 modules can be purchased from many places:

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