Bangle.js App Loader Customisation

It's easy to make copies of the Bangle.js App Loader and customise them for your own purposes:

Forking and Enabling GitHub pages

Follow the tutorial on Adding an app to the Bangle.js App Loader to get a GitHub fork set up with GitHub pages.

Your own App Loader should now be available on

Note: You can host the App Loader yourself, but it must be on an HTTPS server (not HTTP) for Web Bluetooth to work.

Adding and Removing apps

All the information on apps is stored in apps.json in the root directory of the BangleApps repository.

The simplest form of modification is to just remove the items from this file that you don't want.

Changing Default apps

The list of default apps installed when you click Install default apps is listed in defaultapps.json.

Simple remove or add app IDs from apps.json to modify it.

Changing Look and Feel

BangleApps is a standard HTML application, so you can simple edit index.html or the CSS files to change how it looks.

This page is auto-generated from GitHub. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions, please let us know.