Bangle.js 2 Disassembly

This video describes how to get inside your Bangle.js 2.

For more information on what's inside, check out the the Bangle.js 2 Technical Information page

While not mentioned explicitly in the video, we'd recommend a 3D printer heated bed to warm up your Bangle.js display. These will generally hit 80°C without trouble, and you're more likely to have (or have a friend that has) access to one than a hot plate.

Note: The LCD display will suffer lasting damage if heated to 100°C or more, so it's very important to be careful with the temperature and take your time. Not all watch displays come away as easily as the one in the video!


Once the PCB is screwed in place and the ribbon connectors are clipped back in, the final step is to glue the LCD back in place.

For this, we'd suggest:

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