MS5803 Pressure Sensor


The MS5803 is a new generation of high resolution pressure sensors from TE Connectivity with SPI and I2C bus interface. The sensor module includes a high linearity pressure sensor and an ultra-low power 24 bit ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients.

The module MS5803 (About Modules) for interfacing with this sensor will only connect via the I2C interface.


var sensor = require("MS5803").connectI2C( I2C1 );
sensor.reset().then(() => {
  sensor.begin(); => {
    console.log("Temperature: " + result.temperature + " °C");
    console.log("Pressure: " + result.pressure.toFixed(2) + " mBar");

Available precision values: ADC_256, ADC_512, ADC_1024, ADC_2048, ADC_4096


Modules are available with the MS5803 pre-soldered. The MS5803 also comes in different part numbers designed for different pressure ranges.

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