Privacy Policy

Information we collect from you is limited to standard web page analytics (Google Analytics) and anonymous web page access logs. Where there is a login system (for example the Forum) we use passwordless systems such as Auth0 to ensure that we are not keeping personal data.

Bangle.js Gadgetbridge (Bangle.js Android companion app)

The Bangle.js Gadgetbridge Android app requests several permissions required for it to function correctly: In addition, the Bangle.js watch collects fitness information (such as heart rate, movement, and number of steps) and this information is stored on your phone. It can be deleted from the 'Database management' tab of the app. Any health/location information collected stays on your phone, and is never sent or stored on our servers. However if you wish you may manually export it to a file using the 'Database management' tab of the app.


The Web IDE and Bangle.js App Loader intentionally do not contain any server side storage, so personal information never makes it to our servers. In the case where you do use a server-side service (Inline C compilation, compiled JavaScript) any code is sent to our servers via HTTPS, processed, and deleted immediately.

Espruino Shop

The Espruino Shop does require us to store personal information and it has its own privacy policy.