Ikea Eneby Speaker Controller

Ikea Eneby

Ikea Eneby Speakers seem to be reasonably good sounding, good value for money speakers. However, if you're planning to place one out of reach then they have some problems:

However, you can easily fix this by hacking your speaker to add a remote control!

What you need


The Eneby's volume control and power switch PCB is nicely designed so that all the connections we're after are easily available on test points.

To make life even easier, all the buttons are connected via 1k resistors so that we can connect direct to Espruino and can override the signal from the button without risking any short circuits.

Rubber Bungs

Screw Positions

MDBT42Q Wiring

Eneby Espruino
3-3V 3.3v
VL- D15
VL+ D16

You can use any GPIO pins on any Espruino board (including Puck.js, but D14-D17 is what we've used in the code below.


When connected to the Eneby's MDBT42 via the Espruino Web IDE, upload the following code:

var BTN_PWR = D14;
var BTN_V1 = D15;
var BTN_V2 = D16;
var BTNS_VOL = [BTN_V1,BTN_V2];
var LED_PWR = D17;
var VOLUME_PATTERN = [ 0b00,0b10,0b11,0b01 ];

function pressPower() {
  setTimeout(function() {
    digitalRead(BTN_PWR); // open circuit
  }, 200);

function turnOn(callback) {
  if (!LED_PWR.read()) pressPower();
  if (callback) setTimeout(callback,1000);

function turnOff(callback) {
  if (LED_PWR.read()) pressPower();
  if (callback) setTimeout(callback,1000);

function setVolume(dir, callback) {
  if (!dir) return callback?callback():undefined;
  var sign = dir>0?1:-1;
  var idx = VOLUME_PATTERN.indexOf(
  function moveKnob() {
    idx = (idx+sign)&3;
    digitalWrite(BTNS_VOL, VOLUME_PATTERN[idx]);
  setTimeout(moveKnob, 100);
  setTimeout(moveKnob, 200);
  // return to default position
  setTimeout(_=>digitalRead(BTNS_VOL), 300);
  setTimeout(_=>setVolume(dir - sign,callback), 400);

function onInit() {
  // Leave 30 seconds before the speaker becomes
  // unconnectable via the Web IDE.
  setTimeout(function() {
      "5c02000124f80e9c425c263166152320" : {
        "5c02000224f80e9c425c263166152320" : {
          writable : true,
          onWrite : function(evt) {
            var cmd = evt.data[0];
            if (cmd===0) turnOff();
            else if (cmd==1) turnOn(_=>setVolume(4));
            else if (cmd==2) setVolume(1);
            else if (cmd==3) setVolume(-1);
  }, 30*1000);

Type save() and then disconnect.

NOTE: The code above is designed so that for the first 30 seconds after power-on you can connect to the MDBT42Q via the Web IDE, then afterwards it disables communications so the device can't be reprogrammed maliciously (or by accident!). Usually you could just get to reprogram the MDBT42Q by booting with the button held down but in this case it's a bit tricky to get inside the box! As a result it'll take 30 seconds after power on before you'll be able to remote-control your speaker.

On the Puck you're using to control the Eneby, just enter the following code:

function sendCommand(cmd) {
  var gatt;
  digitalPulse(LED3,1,[100]); // starting - flash blue
  NRF.requestDevice({ filters: [{ name: 'IkeaSpk' }] }).then(function(device) {
    digitalPulse(LED3,1,[100]); // found - flash blue
    return device.gatt.connect();
  }).then(function(g) {
    gatt = g;
    return gatt.getPrimaryService("5c02000124f80e9c425c263166152320");
  }).then(function(service) {
    return service.getCharacteristic("5c02000224f80e9c425c263166152320");
  }).then(function(characteristic) {
    return characteristic.writeValue([cmd]);
  }).then(function() {
    // flash green once
    NRF.sleep(); // put bluetooth back to sleep
  }).catch(function() {
    // flash red twice
    try { gatt.disconnect(); } catch (e) {} // may fail
    NRF.sleep(); // put bluetooth back to sleep

function onButton(e) {
  var d = e.time - e.lastTime;
  if (d>0.5) sendCommand(0); // off
  else sendCommand(1); // on

setWatch(onButton, BTN, {repeat:true, edge:"falling"});

function onInit() {

Type save() to save it so that the code is remembered even after the battery is removed.

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