.NET Gadgeteer Modules


.NET Gadgeteer is a Microsoft prototyping platform that can be programmed in Microsoft .NET-based languages.

One of the main features is the use of 10 pin sockets to allow peripherals to be attached quickly and easily. The Espruino Board has enough space on the surface mount prototyping area to allow you to solder two of these connectors onto it.

There are a few different configurations of socket, but we're only going to deal with the SPI version here.

Wiring Up for SPI

We'd suggest you solder a gadgeteer connector onto the prototype area of the Espruino board, with the 'keyed' side nearest the buttons.

Then wire up as follows - you don't have to use these wirings, but we think they're the easiest to wire up while keeping the outside groups of pins available for other uses.

Gadgeteer Espruino
1 3.3v
2 Bat (5v)
3 A3 (GPIO)
4 B11 (GPIO)
5 A2 (GPIO)
6 B10 (GPIO)
7 A7 (MOSI)
8 A6 (MISO)
9 A5 (SCK)
10 GND


You can't use .NET software directly though - unfortunately you'll have to re-write it for Espruino...


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