SSD1351 OLED display driver

Seeed OLED module

This is an 18 bit OLED controller - commonly used in 128x128 OLED Displays.

Support is included in the SSD1351 (About Modules) module, using the Graphics library.

Just wire up as follows. Note: The Seeed module uses a .NET Gadgeteer plug. See that link for wiring suggestions.

.NET Gadgeteer Espruino OLED Name
1 3.3v 3.3v
2 Bat (5v) 5V
3 A3 (GPIO) Data/Cmd
4 B11 (GPIO) Reset
6 B10 (GPIO) Chip Select
7 A7 (MOSI) Data In
9 A5 (SCK) Clock
10 GND Gnd

You can use other pins if it is easier (for instance when using the ILSoft module).

SPI1.setup({ mosi:A7, sck:A5, baud:4000000 });
var g = require("SSD1351").connect(SPI1, A3, B10, B11, function() {


  • The display takes around 100ms to initialise after calling 'connect'. There's an optional callback that is called after this time (shown in the example). Sending data to it before initialisation may cause it not to initialise correctly.
  • This module doesn't use a double-buffer as there isn't enough RAM. Pixels are written to the display as they are drawn, and the driver is written in JavaScript so it is relatively slow.


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