JavaScript for Microcontrollers


Espruino is a small computer that anyone can use to control things around them. Its JavaScript interpreter gives you instant feedback so that you can experiment and develop whatever your level of experience.


Open Source

Just plug the Espruino Board into your computer, open a Terminal application and start programming immediately without having to install any special software. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chromebook and even Android!


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You can order Espruino Boards from our distributors:


GET Started

  • Follow the Quick Start
  • See all the Tutorials and Reference pages
  • If you have one of the Espruino KickStarter Kits, click here to see the kit contents and to get information on how to use them
  • Check Code Examples for all kinds of devices and peripherals
  • See how to use the more advanced features of the Web IDE
  • Instantly Search all the website's documentation