Bluetooth LE MIDI

This is for MIDI over Bluetooth. There's also a module for Wired MIDI.

Puck.js can be programmed to appear as any type of Bluetooth LE device, and this includes a Bluetooth LE MIDI controller.

Joe Bowbeer and George Mandis did the original work on this. However it's now been converted into the ble_midi (About Modules) module to make it easier to use.

You can simply use the module as follows:

var midi = require("ble_midi");

setWatch(function() {
  // When a button is pressed...
  // midi.send(channel, controller, value);
  midi.send(0, 60, 100);
}, BTN, { repeat:true, edge:"rising", debounce:10 });

Then when you next connect to your Puck.js device it will be treated as a MIDI instrument. When you press the button, a MIDI command will be sent using the send function.

You can then even use the Web MIDI APIs to receive the MIDI data inside a web page!

Note: Because of the way advertising data is modified, this will change the name of the Puck.js device to PuckCC.

Note: You may require a Mac for this work automatically.

midi.send sends a 'control change' command. Often you'll want to send a midi.noteOn(0,note,velocity) or midi.noteOff(0,note,0) command instead.


Channels sent to these functions are zero-based, so channel 0 in a function call actually represents channel 1.

// Turns the device into a MIDI controller
exports.init = function () { ... }

// Sends a raw MIDI command
exports.cmd = function (cmd, d1, d2) { ... }

// Send a 'control change' (0xB0) MIDI command
exports.send = function (channel, controller, value) { ... }

// Send a 'note on' (0x90) MIDI command
exports.noteOn = function (channel, note, velocity) { ... }

// Send a 'note off' (0x80) MIDI command
exports.noteOff = function (channel, note, velocity) { ... }

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