Getting Espruino

The Espruino BOARD

Espruino is available pre-installed on the Espruino Board. It's been designed in tandem with the Espruino software and provides the best experience. It comes with masses of functionality and a great battery life.

We're making all of our Projects and Tutorials using the Espruino Board, and have provided loads of documentation so you can get started and experiment immediately.

You can easily order an Espruino board from our distributors.


espruino on other boards

As Espruino is Open Source it has been ported to some other boards, and you can Download firmware for them from our site.

However you will find:

  • Not all the functionality available on the Espruino Board is available on other boards
  • The tutorials and examples are designed for the Espruino Board and may not work on other boards
  • You cannot update the firmware for other boards via the Web IDE

If you want the best experience, please support us and order an Espruino board instead.