Quick Start (USB)

Plugging in

Please check that there is no bare metal (including your desk!) near the board when you plug it in, as it could short it out.

Windows Users: Older versions of Windows won't automatically load the built-in driver for USB COM ports. You'll have to download ST's USB driver:

Linux users to ensure that you have the correct permissions to connect as a normal user you'll need to copy the file 45-espruino.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d, reload rules with udevadm control --reload-rules, and ensure your user is in the plugdev group (you can check by typing groups). You add it by typing sudo adduser $USER plugdev and then logging out and back in. Arch Linux users need to add their user to uucp and lock groups instead.

Mac OS X and Chromebook Users: The board will just plug in and work, without drivers!

Set up a Terminal App

Note: We recommend that you use our Web IDE (it has a bunch of extra features, including firmware updates). However you can access Espruino from any terminal program. See Alternative Terminal Apps for some examples.

Now, to use the IDE:

Software Updates

Espruino is gaining features and improvements on an almost daily basis. If you've just got your Espruino Board, we highly recommend that you update the firmware before you start using it.

When you first use the Espruino Web IDE and connect (see above) you'll probably see a yellow warning marker in the top right saying that new firmware is available. Click on it (or click the Settings icon, then Flasher), click 'Flash Firmware' and follow the instructions. If you're given a drop-down list of different firmwares to choose from and you don't need network support, you can choose any firmware. There is no risk of damaging your Espruino board, however the firmware update process may take a few minutes to complete. If you have problems, check out the Troubleshooting guide.

Note: If you're not using the Web IDE, follow the instructions on the Download page to flash the latest version (however this is significantly more difficult).

Start writing code!

Please try the walkthrough to get started writing your first code for Espruino

Now you've got an idea how to use Espruino:

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