ADS7843 Touchscreen


This is a common touchscreen controller used in a lot of boards, including the 'HY' boards that can run Espruino. It is handled by the ADS7843 (About Modules) module.

Note: If you're using this on a board with a built-in LCD, you should probably use the Touchscreen module, as this has built-in support.

In the module, 'connect' takes arguments for SPI, Chip Select, IRQ, and then offsets for x and y as well as multipliers.

The final argument is the callback function, which has two arguments (X and Y). When you move your finger on the touchscreen the X and Y coordinates are reported back, and when you lift your finger, the callback function is called once with X and Y set to undefined.

require("ADS7843").connect(SPI1, A4, B6, 0, 0, 320, 240, function(x,y) {
  if (x!==undefined)

See Touchscreen

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