Animal Guessing Game

Animal Guessing Game

This is the classic animal guessing game, but using Pixl.js's menu library. Think of an animal, then answer the questions and get told what it is!

This is currently very limited, but please feel free to suggest updated animal information!

Source Code

// The data we use to guess what the animal is 
var tree = {
  "No Legs" : "worm",
  "2 Legs" : {
    "No Feathers": "frog",
    "Feathers": "bird",
  "4 Legs" : {
    "Meow": "cat",
    "Woof": "dog",
    "Moo": "cow",
  "6 Legs" : "ant",
  "8 Legs" : "spider"

/* Given a menu item, return a function that
either displays the animal name, or calls 'showMenu'
to display another menu */
function getMenuItem(item) {
  if (typeof item == "string") 
    return function() {; // disable menu
      g.drawString(item, (g.getWidth()-g.stringWidth(item))/2, 10);
      g.drawString("Press BTN3 to start again",15,40);
      setWatch(startGame, BTN3);
    return function() {

/* Work through a set of guesses, building
and displaying a menu */
function showMenu(items) {
  var menu = {
    "":{"title":"-= Animal Guesser =-"}
  for (var i in items)
    menu[i] = getMenuItem(items[i]);;

/* At the start of the game start off with
the most basic set of questions */
function startGame() {


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