BTHome and Home Assistant Setup

This video shows you how to set up Home Assistant with BTHome on a Raspberry Pi.

You'll need

  • A Raspberry Pi 3B or later (not a 'Pico')
  • A Micro SD card (32gb or more) and a way to write to it
  • A Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi
  • Ethernet Connection for the Raspberry Pi (using WiFi will reduce your BLE range)

Install Home Assitant

Follow the steps at

But in short:

  • Put the SD card in your PC
  • Install the Raspberry Pi Imager from
  • Choose your Pi version, then Other specific-purpose OS > Home assistants and home automation > Home Assistant
  • Flash the SD card

Once that's done, put the card in your Pi, connect to ethernet and power, and wait a few minutes!

You can now follow to set it up by going to http://homeassistant.local:8123/ in your browser - although it's pretty straightforward as you can see from the video!

Make/buy a BTHome device

There are a bunch of supported devices listed on, but for Espruino devices:


Once Home Assistant is running, it will automatically pick up BTHome devices that are advertising within range.

You can see these by going to Settings -> Devices & Services -> BTHome : http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/integrations/integration/bthome

  • If you previously set up a device it'll be in Integration entries
  • If you haven't yet added a device, you should see it under a Discovered heading. Click Configure and choose where in your house it is and you're good.
  • If you previously set up a device and then deleted it, you need to click Add Entry and Setup another instance of BTHome

Once you have a device, click on the link under it that says 1 Device - here you can see the Logbook, current sensor values, and can even set up Automations.

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