Bangle.js Strap Modifications

Bangle.js comes with a proprietary rubber strap that some may find uncomfortable. Luckily there are a few easy ways to modify it!

The first step is to remove the old strap, which can be done by pushing out the strap pins from the side. Carefully push with a thin screwdriver until part of the pin is showing on the opposite side, then pull with a pair of pliers.

For full instructions check out the Bangle.js Disassembly video.

Different Strap Colors

We sell three different Strap Colors in the Espruino Shop, so it's easy to swap to a new color if that's what you want.

Pocket Watch

To make your Bangle.js into a pocket watch, all you need to do is disassemble the buckle on the watch strap. It is sprung in from the ends, so all you need to do is get a knife blade between the strap and the edge of the buckle and level it in to free it.

You can then re-assemble the outer buckle and spring pin on the watch to turn it into a pocket watch!

Standard Straps - Suunto Core adaptor

The most obvious improvement is to be able to use 'standard' watch straps. To do this on Bangle.js you can buy a watch adaptor designed for another similar style of watch called the Suunto Core.

If you search for Suunto Core adaptor on eBay you'll find a selection of options which should fit Bangle.js:

Fabric Straps - Existing Strap

It is also possible to cut down the existing strap. The first set of 'breathing holes' can be opened up, and then an 18mm wide fabric strap can be inserted through as shown above.

This will block the heart rate sensor, but it is a fast, simple solution.

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