Bluefruit LE app interface

The Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect app is an application made by Adafruit that makes it easy to use your phone or tablet to control Adafruit Bluetooth LE devices.

While the app is designed for Adafruit's Bluefruit LE series of boards, most of the functionality uses the standard 'Nordic UART' Bluetooth characteristics, which Espruino also uses for communication with the IDE.

Controller Mode

Connect to your Bluetooth Espruino device and upload the following code:

var fruit = require("BluefruitLE").connect();

The fruit variable will then emit the following events:

  • button - A button on the controller is pressed or released: {button,state:1/0}
  • color - A color from the color chooser: {r,g,b}
  • quaternion - The angle of the phone: {x,y,z,w}
  • acc - The phone's accelerometer in newtons: {x,y,z}
  • gyro - The phone's gyro: {x,y,z}
  • mag - The phone's magnetometer: {x,y,z}
  • location - The phone's location from GPS: {lat,long,alt}

For instance if you want to turn an LED on or off based on button 1 in the 'Controller' section of the app, just do:

var fruit = require("BluefruitLE").connect();
fruit.on('button',function(e) {
  if (e.button==1) LED.write(e.state);

The BluefruitLE module will detect whether the IDE or Bluefruit app is connecting and will only enable itself if the app is connecting, so you can still connect as normal with the IDE.

Once you've uploaded your code:

  • Open the Bluefruit app
  • Click on your device in the device chooser
  • Click Controller
  • Choose the type of data - for the example above scroll down and click Control Pad, then in the control pad menu pressing the 1 button will control LED1


The Bluefruit app also supports UART mode, which will communicate directly with Espruino's REPL without needing the BluefruitLE module.

  • Open the Bluefruit app
  • Click on your device in the device chooser
  • Click UART
  • In the text area type LED.set() and click SEND
  • The LED should light up

So you can just enter JavaScript commands directly and they will be executed.

If you want to interpret the commands yourself you can do:

// when a device first connects, move the REPL out the way
NRF.on('connect', function(addr) {
// Handle data from Bluetooth
Bluetooth.on('data', function(d) {
  if (d=="\x03") {
    // probably a Ctrl-C sent by the IDE - move the console back

  // Handle the command here

Other modes

Other Bluefruit LE modes could be used as most of them still rely on the UART, but the BluefruitLE module doesn't support them.

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