NeuroSky ThinkGear ASIC module

This module interfaces the NeuroSky ThinkGear ASIC module (TGAM) for use with Espruino.

The module returns the following information:

  • signal quality
  • attention value
  • meditation value
  • EEG power band values for the following brain waves as 24 bit unsigned integers:
    • delta
    • theta
    • low-alpha
    • high-alpha
    • low-beta
    • high-beta
    • low-gamma
    • mid-gamma

Currently only "normal output mode" of the TGAM is supported. When interfacing a TGAM in "raw output mode", Brain.js should still correctly parse all received packets and return the above values but ignore the raw data.


  1. Wire TGAM board to Espruino board
TGAM pin Espruino pin
+ 3.3
T Any Serial RX pin, for example A3
  1. Write some code
   // event handler that just dumps data
   function processBrainData(data) {
     console.log(data.field, data.value);

   // initialize Brain module
   brain = require('Brain').connect(Serial2, A3, 9600);

   // hook up event handler
   brain.on('data', processBrainData);

Disclaimer: use at your own risk.

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