Adding a Custom Boot Screen

On a Bangle.js or Pixl.js, when the device first starts or is reset, a logo is displayed along with the device's firmware version and Bluetooth address:

If you'd like to customise the logo that is displayed, it's easy! There is no need to recompile your firmware.

All you need to do is:

  • Start up the Web IDE at
  • Connect to the Bangle/Pixl.js
  • Click the storage icon in the middle of the screen (4 discs)
  • Click Upload File...
  • Choose an image file that matches your device's screen (176x176 or less for Bangle.js 2, 240x240 or less for Bangle.js 1, or 128x64 or less for Pixl.js)
  • In the menu that pops up:
    • Change the filename to .splash
    • Ensure Convert for Espruino is set
    • If it's not a black and white image, change the colors to better match your device (3 bit RGB for Bangle.js 2, or anything for Bangle.js 1)
    • If the coloring isn't correct you can experiment with different dithering options
  • Click Upload

Now the next time your device boots or resets you'll have a custom logo! The MAC address will no longer be shown, however nothing stops you adding the address (or other text) back into the image you upload.

Manual upload

The .splash file is just a normal (uncompressed) Espruino image file that you can create with (or g.asImage('string')) - so it's easy to upload without the Web IDE if you need.

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