Gadgetbridge for Android

Gadgetbridge is an Android application that allows you to use smartwatch-style notifications and health monitoring without the need for a proprietary application or web service.

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We've added a 'Bangle.js' device to Gadgetbridge which allows you to connect your phone to Bangle.js (or any Bluetooth-capable Espruino).

Messages sent to Bangle.js from Phone

Messages are wrapped in the text "\x10" + "GB(...)\n", so that if they're sent to a normal Espruino REPL the GB function will be executed with the supplied data as the first argument.

Currently implemented messages are:

  • t:"notify", id:int, src,title,subject,body,sender,tel:string - new notification
  • t:"notify-", id:int - delete notification
  • t:"alarm", d:[{h,m},...] - set alarms
  • t:"find", n:bool - findDevice
  • t:"vibrate", n:int - vibrate
  • t:"weather", temp,hum,txt,wind,loc - weather report
  • t:"musicstate", state:"play/pause",position,shuffle,repeat - music play/pause/etc
  • t:"musicinfo", artist,album,track,dur,c(track count),n(track num) - currently playing music track
  • t:"call", cmd:"accept/incoming/outgoing/reject/start/end", name: "name", number: "+491234" - call


GB({"t":"notify","id":1575479849,"src":"Hangouts","title":"A Name","body":"message contents"})

Messages from Bangle.js to Phone

Any line beginning with { will be parsed as JSON by Gadgetbridge, so to send a command, simply use Bluetooth.println(JSON.stringify(json)).

Available message types are:

  • t:"info", msg:"..."
  • t:"warn", msg:"..."
  • t:"error", msg:"..."
  • t:"status", bat:0..100, volt:float(voltage) - status update
  • t:"findPhone", n:bool
  • t:"music", n:"play/pause/next/previous/volumeup/volumedown"
  • t:"notify", id:int, n:"DISMISS,DISMISS_ALL/OPEN/MUTE/REPLY",
    • if REPLY can use tel:string(optional), msg:string

For example:

Bluetooth.println(JSON.stringify({t:"info", msg:"Hello World"}))

will display a message on your phone's screen.

Building Gadgetbridge

There's proper documentation at

Once you have the Android development tools on your system, all you need to do to build is:

./gradlew assembleDebug
adb install app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk

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