Module for the MPR121 12-Channel Capacitive Sensor (I2C)

Use the MPR121 (About Modules) module for reading which of the MPR121's 12 electrodes are touched

This module communicates with the chip over I2C.

Basic usage:


function ready() {
    setTimeout(function() {
        var keys = mpr.touched();
        console.log("Touched: " + keys);
    }, 200);

var mpr = require("MPR121").connect(I2C1, ready);
// or
var mpr = require("MPR121").connect(I2C1, ready, { address: 0x5B });

MPR121 module functions

touched() - gives back a 12bit number where each high bit is an activated electrode/key

setThresholds() - sets the press/release treshold values

write() - writes the provided data (array) to the i2c bus

read() - reads the given number of bytes from the i2c bus

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