This is for wired MIDI. There's also a module for MIDI over Bluetooth LE.

This module uses the event emitter interface to let you choose what message you are interested in handling; Some day it may do midi out too. It's quick and dirty hack, but I hope you may find this useful or even fun.

Wiring a midi input could be done in two ways: One is getting an optocoupler (I've heard that FOD260L are good for 3.3v based mcu's) and build a simple circuit. The other is using some kind of midi-serial bridge (I'm currently using HairLess Midiserial on osx which talks to a SPP bluetooth serial connection). This mostly affects the speed setting you have to use: "real" midi is 31250, bridged is more likely to be 115200.

I wired mine like:

Device Pin Espruino
(VCC) 3.3
(TX) A3

Obviusly when the module will do midi-out you may want to add RX => A2, if you are using Serial2 like I do.


 var midi = require('Midi').setup(Serial2, 115200);
 midi.on('noteOn', function(i) {
   console.log('Music is in the air! note: ' + i.note +
               ' on channel: ' + i.chan +
               ' with velocity: ' + i.velocity);

Supported events are:

  • noteOn
  • noteOff
  • ctrlChange
  • pitchBend
  • afterTouch
  • patchChange
  • channelPress


(No tutorials are available yet)

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