Mounting the Espruino Board

The Espruino board doesn't have any mounting holes on it (there just isn't space!), but you do have a few options for mounting it.

  • Use a 3D Printed Box or Mount (see our EspruinoBoard repository)
  • Use PCB mounts designed edge mounting - for example these ones
  • Solder Espruino to a bit of proto board, and drill holes in that
  • Tape Espruino down with double-sided tape ('Servo Tape' is designed for this kind of thing)
  • Use Cable ties
  • Drill though some of the holes in Espruino's Prototyping area (check that no wires go past them on the PCB)
  • Solder a mount onto some of the pins that you're not using - for example you could solder on a ring crimp connector and could then screw through it.

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