Module designed to server pull of DS18B20 1-Wire temperature sensors connected to Espruino pins.

Base usage.

 var manager=require("OneWireTempManager").create([A0,new OneWire(A1)];

By default manager will print temperature values to console. You can setup custom callback:

 * @param {DS18B20} sensor
 * @param {float} temp
 manager.callBack = function(sensor,temp) {
     console.log("Temp on " + sensor.sCode + ": " + temp);

Customizing DS18B20 instance.

You can customize any settings of the sensor (like resolution):

   * @param {DS18B20} sensor
  manager.configureSensor = function(sensor){


All constants should be modified before calling manager.start().

Constant Description
manager.C.SCAN_PERIOD 1-wire bus scan period. Default is 5 secons.
manager.C.POLL_PERIOD Temperature sensors poll period. Default is 1 second.

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