Puck.js and BLE UARTs

By default, Puck.js presents a Nordic UART service that provides serial port-like access to the Espruino REPL. You can disable it with NRF.setServices({},{uart:false}) if needed.

The 'puck.js' helper script allows you to access this UART with Web Bluetooth - see the Web Bluetooth Guide

If you want to connect to this UART service on one Puck from another Puck, you can use the ble_simple_uart (About Modules) module.

Just use as follows:

NRF.requestDevice({ filters: [{ namePrefix: 'Puck.js' }] }).then(function(device) {
  require("ble_simple_uart").write(device, "digitalPulse(LED3,1,1000)\n", function() {

You can write text as long as you like to the UART, and the module will automatically split it into BLE packets and send them.

However: there is currently no way to receive data using this module.

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