Resetting Espruino

Only the Original Espruino Board has a dedicated Reset button. Espruino's interpreter means that very few things will lock up the device to the point where a hardware reset is needed, and using the reset() command (and/or Ctrl-C to break out of any running code) is usually good enough (while keeping the USB/Bluetooth communications channel open).

However if a hardware reset is needed, in Espruino 1v99 the E.reboot() command was added. When this is called it will have the almost safe effect as toggling the reset pin on the device.

If you want to configure your own pin as a reset pin, all you need to do is run the following code:

setWatch(E.reboot, RESET_PIN, { irq:true });

Whenever the reset pin changes state it will then trigger a hardware reset of the device.

Note the use of irq:true: This forces E.reboot to be called from a hardware interrupt, not from the idle loop. It means that if your code is busy (for instance in a while(true); loop) then the reset will still execute.

Upon reset, any previously saved code will still be loaded. If your device keeps loading the code and is unusable, please see the reference page for your particular device as you can usually perform a full reset by holding the on-board button at the correct time while booting.

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