Bangle.js Troubleshooting

What follows is a quick list of potential problems and solutions. If your problem isn't covered here, please post in the Bangle.js Forum.

Please also check out the Bluetooth specific troubleshooting page

I can't connect to my Bangle.js

First, you can check your computer is capable of Web Bluetooth by going to the Web IDE, clicking the connect icon up the top right, then the Status link in the menu that pops up.

In addition:

  • If you paired Bangle.js in the Bluetooth settings of any of your devices, make sure to unpair it.
  • Ensure HID is Off, and BLE and Programmable are set to On in the Settings screen.
  • Hold BTN1 and BTN2 for 5 seconds to force a full software reset of Bangle.js:
  • On Mac OS Big Sur, it may help to go to your Mac's Bluetooth Widget (in the toolbar), choose Bluetooth Preferences, then remove the Bangle.js from the list of devices.

Then go to and connect using the window provided by the Web Browser.

My Bangle.js isn't charging

Is the charge lead the wrong way around? With Bangle.js facing away from you (so you're looking at the shiny back) and the CE Rohs text the right way up, the USB cable should exit from the left side of the watch.

I can't upload apps, and the IDE just says -> Terminal when connected

On Firmwares shipped on KickStarter Bangle.js there was a bug. Please leave Debug Info set to Hide (the default) in Bangle.js's Settings, then update to the latest Bootloader version using (which will allow everything to work even with Debug Info set to Show).

My Bangle.js no longer boots to the clock

This may be because the JS bootloader has been overwritten, which can be done if you use Save to Flash to write code in the IDE.

  • Go to
  • Click More... -> Install default apps which will erase everything and return Bangle.js to default (or try installing just Bootloader from library)

My Bangle shows Searching for GPS Time for a second after a hard reboot.

This is expected. If you do a hard reset (BTN1 + BTN2) or the battery goes flat, Bangle.js loses the time. However, if you've ever had a GPS lock in the past, as long as the battery didn't go flat the GPS receiver will still have the correct time.

So when Bangle.js starts it sees the time isn't set, then it asks the GPS receiver if it has the time, and if it does, it uses it to set the time up. If the GPS receiver didn't have the time then your clock will stay set at midnight, 1970.

My Bangle is stuck showing Searching for GPS Time

This may seem like a GPS issue, but the culprit is usually that an app/widget on the Bangle either has an error or that the Bangle runs out of memory.

Settings won't change / Welcome screen keeps appearing

This is a known issue with the 2v05 firmware that Bangle.js initially shipped with. The filesystem could occasionally get corrupted and the contents of files can not be changed.

  • More... -> Install default from will temporarily fix the problem
  • However installing the latest firmware will stop it from happening again
  • You'll still have to 'Install default apps' after installing new firmware

I can't get a GPS fix / GPS doesn't seem to be working

When you get the Bangle (or after it has run out of battery and been recharged) the GPS is in a 'fresh' state. It has no idea of the time or where it is in the world. It can take 5-10 minutes with a GPS app running outside or on a windowsill in order to get a fix. After having got an initial fix the GPS will be significantly faster at getting a fix next time.

You can now install the AGPS App from the App Loader which will pre-load GPS position/correction information that will stay valid for a few days. This will drastically reduce the time taken to get a GPS lock.

Why? Phones and internet-connected GPS devices use AGPS (A=Assisted). They use the time and rough location info from mobile phone masts to help them get a fix much faster. Since Bangle.js doesn't have that info it's working from first principles and it can take a while to get a lock (just like any other standalone GPS device).

Bangle.js keeps entering the Launcher or Settings menu

The Launcher is entered from the Clock if you press BTN2. Since by default BTN2 wakes Bangle.js up, simply pressing it twice in quick succession will enter the Launcher. Since Settings is usually the first menu item, a third click of BTN2 will bring you to Settings.

To stop this, go to Settings, then LCD, then Wake on BTN2 and turn it to Off. You can also turn off Wake on Twist as well.

Now, the only way to get to settings is to press BTN1 or BTN3 to wake the clock, and then BTN2 - which is much less likely to happen accidentally.

What is the difference between an app, a clock, a widget?

An app is a piece of code which is launched manually or triggered by another app. Only one app runs at the same time.

Clock is a specific app which is launched at startup. The clock app could be selected in settings menu.

A widget is a piece of code which could run in background like a pedometer. Several widgets can run at the same time in addition to an app.

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