Espruino Web IDE

The Web IDE is the preferred way to program Espruino. It's got a syntax-highlighted editor as well as support for dynamically loading modules and for upgrading Espruino's Firmware. You might want to check out other ways of programming Espruino devices.



The easiest and recommended way to use the Web IDE is straight from the Web Browser

You'll need an up to date version of Chrome, Edge or Opera to get access to Web Bluetooth and Web Serial options.


  • While this IDE is a website, it still works if you're offline (navigating to will still work)
  • Versions of Windows before Windows 10 don't support Web Bluetooth. You'll need to install the Native application (below).
  • Web Bluetooth and Web Serial may not be enabled in your Browser by default. Have a look at the Quick Start guide for information on how to enable it.

From the Chrome Web Store

You can install the IDE from the Chrome Web Store.


  • Google has deprecated the Chrome Web Store and will be removing it in 2023, so this installation method may not be available soon and isn't recommended.
  • On Windows 8 and earlier, the Web IDE from the Chrome Web Store doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy, needed for communicating with Bluetooth LE Espruino device. If you're using Windows you'll need to use the Native Application (below).

As a Native application

The Web IDE is available as:

The Native IDE versions lag behind the Online IDE, so if you're able to use the Online IDE we strongly recommend it.

Older versions of the IDE (not recommended) are available here

For Windows 8.1 and later

The Native IDE is able to use Windows' own BLE drivers. The only configuration needed is for you to go to your system's Bluetooth settings and to click Connect (Pair on Windows 10) on your Puck.js device. This exposes it to the system and makes sure it shows up in the Web IDE.

For Windows earlier than 8.1

Since Windows versions earlier than 8.1 don't support Web Bluetooth in the OS, noble (which the Espruino IDE uses) has to be able to access the BLE adaptor directly - so you have to make sure the WinUSB driver is loaded for it (as opposed to a manufacturer-specific driver).

  • Download Zadig and run it - it's just an executable
  • Go to Options -> List all Devices
  • Choose your BLE adaptor (mine is CSR8510 A10)
  • Make sure WinUSB is set as the driver
  • Now when you next run the Native Web IDE and click 'connect' in the top left, you should see a list of connectable BLE devices.

Native applications for other platforms

If you require a native version of the IDE for other platforms, you can install the Development version from GitHub (below):

Locally hosted version

If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can install the EspruinoHub software on it, which will allow you to program any Bluetooth LE Espruino devices within range of the Pi straight from a Web Browser on any network-connected computer.

Development version

We only update the Web IDE when we're sure that everything is working. If you want the 'Cutting Edge' version then you can get it directly from GitHub. There are detailed instructions on how to get started on that page.

This page is auto-generated from GitHub. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions, please let us know.