Wiring Up

The Espruino Board, Olimexino, Maple, STM32F3DISCOVERY, STM32F4DISCOVERY and HY boards require no wiring up - just plug them in via USB and start using them!

However the STM32VLDISCOVERY board requires you to connect a USB-TTL converter (or Raspberry Pi!) in order to program it (as only the programmer part has a USB connection). To connect any of the boards up via serial, the pins you need are:

5V P1-04 5V 5V 5V VIN
TX* P1-10 (RX) PA10 (RX) PA10 (RX) PA3 (RX) D8 (RX)
RX* P1-08 (TX) PA9 (TX) PA9 (TX) PA2 (TX) D7 (TX)

* On some USB-TTL dongles, TX and RX are swapped over (this may be case if they are labelled TXD and RXD).

If you want to use Espruino with a Raspberry Pi, please see this forum post.

If you want to use Espruino via Bluetooth, use a module like this one, and connect RX, TX and GND from the table above as if connecting to a USB-TTL converter, but be sure to connect to 3.3v for power, not 5v. See Bluetooth for more info.


The default baud rate for Espruino is 9600 baud - to match the default baud rate for Bluetooth modules.

The STM32F3DISCOVERY has no 'usb disconnect' pin wired up, and so USB serial will not get reconnected if you reset the device. Instead, you must unplug USB, reset, and then plug USB back in.

The STM32F4DISCOVERY has two USB connectors. You need to connect to the one by the headphone jack to communicate with Espruino - however it needs power to be supplied either via the pins, or from a USB cable connected to the other USB port as well!

If the Espruino Board, Olimexino or STM32F4DISCOVERY are connected via USB, the console will automatically be moved to USB. To change back you will need to type 'SerialX.setConsole()' via USB (where X is the UART number).

The default UART for the STM32F4DISCOVERY is Serial2, as Serial1 will not work with USB plugged in (without cutting a trace on the board).


When you're wired up

See the next step on the Quick Start page for more details on how to get started