Writing and Submitting Tutorials (or changes)

Writing and submitting tutorials is really easy, and it's great for the community when more people contribute.

  • Get a GitHub account
  • Visit https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoDocs and click 'Fork' in the top-right. You'll now have your own copy of all the documentation in your GitHub account.
  • Click on the tutorials folder, and at the top where it says EspruinoDocs / tutorials / +, click on the +
  • Name your tutorial (try and keep this bit simple as it will be the URL) and add .md to the end, a bit like Traffic Lights.md. For this we'll use My Tutorial.md
  • Copy and paste the following template into the file:
<!--- Copyright (c) 2014 Your Name. See the file LICENSE for copying permission. -->
My Tutorial's Proper Title

* KEYWORDS: Comma,separated,list,of,search,words
* USES: Comma,separated,list



Wiring Up





  • Start writing your tutorial! To get it formatted nicely you just need to write it in a slightly special way, called Markdown. See this link for examples of how to use it, and maybe look at the other tutorials.

    Note: Images are handled slightly differently... Put your images in a folder named after your tutorial (eg. My Tutorial) and then write the following: ![Image Description](My+Tutorial/image+filename)

  • Make sure the * USES: line contains the hardware that your tutorial uses. If it uses only the Espruino board, type * USES: Only Espruino Board. You can get the correct names by looking at the .md files for other tutorials, or the .md file in devices that corresponds to what your device uses, and finding out what it says after APPEND_USES.

  • Click Commit New File. You can always click on the file later and then click 'edit' in the top right if you want to change it.

  • When you have it as you want, when looking at your GitHub repository's main page, click on Pull Request.

  • Make sure it's showing the right stuff, and then click Click to create a pull request for this comparison and enter a short description.

  • Finally click Send pull request and you're done! We'll be able to take in your changes and merge them with everything else!

This page is auto-generated from GitHub. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions, please let us know.