Arduino Motor Shield

Motor Shield

This is a cheap motor shield for Arduino that contains L293D driver chips, commonly with DK Electronics written on it.

Support is provided via the arduino-motorshield (About Modules) module.

var motor = require("arduino-motorshield").connect(); // Pixl.js
var motor = require("arduino-motorshield").connect(require("ArduinoPico")); // Espruino Pico Shim
var motor = require("arduino-motorshield").connect(Nucleo); // Nucleo

motor.on(); // turn driver outputs on; // turn driver outputs off

motor.set(0); // Set all outputs to 0
motor.set(0b00000001); // Motor 1 forwards
motor.set(0b00000010); // Motor 1 backwards
motor.set(0b00010000); // Motor 3 forwards
motor.set(0b00100000); // Motor 3 backwards


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