The world’s first Artificial Intelligence enabled cardboard robot that you build yourself.

Smartibot works with your smartphone, meaning you can use your mobile as a remote control, or by attaching it to your robot, as it’s brain.

Firmware binaries can be found in:

To update your firmware, follow the instructions below



Smartibot can be used like any other Espruino Bluetooth LE device, with full access to the NRF class for BLE Functionality.

Check out the Getting Started Guide.


There are two built-in variables for buttons, BTN1 (Button A) and BTN2 (Button B).

These can be read using or digitalRead(BTN1) (the two commands are identical), or you can be notified when a button changes state:

setWatch(function(e) {
  if (e.state) print("Button pressed");
  else print("Button released");
}, BTN1, {repeat:true, edge:"both"});

The code above will call the function when the button is pressed and when it is released. You can remove edge:"both" completely or use edge:"rising" to be notified only when the button is pressed, or cal use edge:"falling" to be notified only when it is released.

NOTE: On the Smartibot build that ships with KickStarter devices, the value from is inverted (true when released, false when pressed).


There are 4 motor outputs which can be controlled using require("Smartibot").setMotor(motor, value).

value is a number between -1 (full reverse) and 1 (full forward).

var smarti = require("Smartibot");

smarti.setMotor(2, 1); // run motor 2 forward at full speed
smarti.setMotor(1, -0.5); // run motor 1 in reverse at half speed


There is one blue LED controllable using LED.write(..), however the left and right 'eyes' must be controlled using the require("Smartibot").setLEDs(left, right) command:

var smarti = require("Smartibot");

// Set left LED to RED, right LED to GREEN
smarti.setLEDs([255,0,0], [0,255,0]);

NOTE: On the Smartibot build that ships with KickStarter devices, the single blue LED is inverted (true for off, false for on).

Servo outputs

To control servos, use the require("Smartibot").setServo(servo, value).

value is a number between 0 and 100.

var smarti = require("Smartibot");

smarti.setServo(1, 50); // Set servo 1 to midpoint

Display board

Plug the display into E1. Calling g = require("Smartibot-display").connect(smarti.E1) will return an instance of Graphics which you can then use. It is 16 pixels wide, 9 pixels high, and 8 bits per pixel.

When you need to display something, call g.flip() to send it to the screen:

var smarti = require("Smartibot");
var g = require("Smartibot-display").connect(smarti.E1);

// Clear the screen
g.setColor(127); // set brightness - 0..255
// Draw something!
// Send what we drew to the screen

Check out Graphics for full details on how to use Graphics and add your own images.

Distance board

Plug the board into E1. Calling require("Smartibot-distance").connect(smarti.E1); returns an object with the following entries:

var smarti = require("Smartibot");
var dist = require("Smartibot-distance").connect(smarti.E1);

setInterval(function() {
  // try and avoid obstacles if less than 10cm away
  if (dist.getLeft() < 100) smarti.setMotor(1,0);
  else smarti.setMotor(1,1);
  if (dist.getRight() < 100) smarti.setMotor(2,0);
  else smarti.setMotor(2,1);

  // if a gesture was found, output what it was
  var gesture = dist.getGesture();
  if (gesture) console.log(gesture);
}, 100);


// Set LEDs - expects two 3-element arrays with each elemnt between 0 and 255 : [R,G,B], [R,G,B]
exports.setLEDs = function (l, r) { ... }

// Set motors 1..4 with a value between -1 and 1
exports.setMotor = function (M, S) { ... }

// Set servos 1..10 with a value 0..100
exports.setServo = function (num, val) { ... }


First, it's best to check out the Getting Started Guide

(No tutorials are available yet)

Tutorials using just Bluetooth LE:

Tutorials using Bluetooth LE and functionality that may not be part of Smartibot:

Firmware Updates

For this you'll need an Android or Apple phone or tablet.

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